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Long, Long Way to Run

At first Will Woodford laughs when he’s asked to run for the state legislature. Not only does he have no political experience, he’s gay—and Pagan! But Will changes his mind when the town council destroys an organization that helps the poor. As he embarks on the roller-coaster ride of a modern political campaign, Will knows he has a long, long way to run. Can he win?

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Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 11.53.17 AMSomewhere a Drum Waits for Me

An American engineer in West Africa encounters a visitor from the Otherworld at Samhain; a wise woman discovers that a chair she bought in a second-hand shop possesses magical properties; a young Druid calls on his patron god, the Green Man, to help him save a redwood forest; a twelve-year-old girl undergoes a coming-of-age ritual in the Craft of the Wise; and a lawyer calls on Ma’at, the Egyptian goddess of truth and justice, to help her track down a killer.

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After becoming the target of death threats, 20th-century physician Lyn St. John finds herself thrown back into a past life in her dreams where she is a 17th-century Scottish midwife named Gwendolyn Redfearne. As the witch-hunters close in on Gwendolyn, Lyn’s enemies terrorize her more and more in her 20th-century reality until both dream and reality converge in a shattering conclusion.

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The Deer at Lammas Tide—Nine Sabbat Tales

A young woman confronts her prejudices in a dramatic way at Lammas; a young archaeologist finds a key to his future by a glimpse into a 2,000-year-old past; at Samhain, the Witches’ New Year, a young attorney finds the courage to let go of her first love; and the members of a circle of Goddess women experience joy, regret, passion, and violence through one turn of the Wheel of the Year.

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A graphic designer, a computer instructor, and a middle manager report to work as usual one Monday morning only to find that they are caught in a layoff. In five minutes Amber McFee, a 33-year-old single parent, Tom Prentice, a 32-year-old harassed father of two, and Leigh Whittaker, a 38-year-old single, successful career woman, lose not only their livelihood, but their very identities. As topical as today’s headlines, Layoffs recounts the struggles and successes, the setbacks and eventual triumphs, of these three main characters.

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