Magical Encounters: Short Stories with a Twist

Magical Encounters: Short Stories with a Twist is available NOW at Bookbaby, Amazon, Nook, Kobo, and Smashwords!

This collection of twenty short stories tells how everyday people sometimes encounter magic: A young woman discovers that her secondhand cellphone is haunted; a homeless man’s encounter with a garden gnome changes his life; three older women use their societal invisibility to rescue a little girl from a horrifying fate, and a god from Olympus disguised as a human offers a young gay man a way to escape the home town that scorns him.

Three of the stories recount the doings of the International Tarts Society, a group of young women whose mission is to save the world through sex. Although they execute their mission with enthusiasm, their yearly conference affords them the vacation break they all enjoy.

Rescue is a constant theme in these stories that will amuse you and leave you feeling upbeat, even though the world around you seems to be spinning out of control. Read and enjoy today!

The bonus section, Long, Long Way to Run, recounts the adventures of Will Woodford, who is asked to run for public office even though he’s gay, Pagan, and living in a southern state. Follow the ups and downs of Will’s campaign as he and his helpers work to overcome all the obstacles ranged against him.

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